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A Young Voice In Canadian Roots Music

Emmett Jerome is a breed of musician not often encountered in this day and age. Raised on the blues, educated on country, and cutting his teeth in Canada's underground Rock scene, he's always taken the road less travelled to get where he wants to go. Making his recording debut in 2024, the 24 year old Alberta native has quickly proven himself to be one of the most exciting young musicians to emerge out of Western Canada in recent years. 


 Rooted in the old school, troubadour tradition, he earned his stripes travelling coast to coast, chasing songs and soaking up stories along the way. Described as "Ian Tyson meets Joe Strummer" Emmett embodies everything well loved from music of the past whilst seemlessly adding his own statement to everything he does. 

His recording debut "Goodbye Trouble," landed him a recording contract with 604 records, as well as garnered exceptional industry support from major streaming services. His full EP "Rocky Mountain Son" (604/Light Organ) will be available to the public September 15, 2024. 

"Ian Tyson Meets Joe Strummer..."

Khatsalano Festival, 2024

Based out of Vancouver BC, Emmett travels widely, and the colorful stories and people he meets along the way are reflected back into his music. See the tour page to find out where he will be performing next. 

I'm most influenced by the blues. I think there is a stream that flows through all music that originates somewhere in the blues. I was raised playing B.B King, John Lee Hooker, and Elmore James. I still hold that stuff dear to my heart."

Emmett Jerome

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