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A Young Voice In Canadian Roots Music

Emmett Jerome is a young roots musician hailing from the Foothills of Southern Alberta. After spending his teenage years playing blues and country barrooms he relocated to Vancouver, quickly establishing himself as a top tier sideman and performer. Rooted in classic country and blues, Emmett also incorporates elements of jazz and bluegrass into his energetic performances. He has spent the last year gigging and travelling throughout the continent, and looks forward to making his debut as a recording artist in 2023.

"I'm most influenced by the blues. I think there is a stream that flows through all music that originates somewhere in the blues. I was raised playing B.B King, John Lee Hooker, and Elmore James. I still hold that stuff dear to my heart."

Based out of Vancouver BC, Emmett travels widely, and the colorful stories and people he meets along the way are reflected back into his music. See the tour page to find out where he will be performing next. 

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Hollywood Alberta

Presenting Hollywood Alberta - the bar-rockin, foot-stomping passion project of solo artist Emmett Jerome. Formed with fellow musicians Max Earchuck and Alex Taylor to explore their mutual love of all things country, jazz, and rock-n-roll, this tight night band has since travelled all over BC and Alberta sharing its good humoured interpretations of classic American music. From Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams to Charlie Parker and Ray Charles, the band continues to grow in its depth and influences. Featuring a funky rhythm section, blazing steel guitars, and heartfelt original music, Emmett Jerome & Hollywood consistently work to improve their craft and share this music across the nation. Don’t miss these boys when they swing through your town, - who knows when they’ll be back around next!

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